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Career Coaching

Work one-on-one with me for a minimum of three months, and we'll discover a whole new you. We'll have a blast using stuff from my magic "intuitive box," including everything from traditional personality profiles to fun astrology/numerology reports and creative collages. It's all part of visualizing your positive path forward!



Open more doors with a resume that really tells the whole story of YOU. My dynamic resume packages are created from a “blank canvas” vs. a standardized resume template, because those templates naturally force you to look like everyone else. Who wants that nowadays? My unique process will get you thinking about yourself and your strengths in positive new ways -- and get you “going places” in no time!



Mastermind meetups. Google Hangouts. An online community. Stay tuned for exciting events in the very near future! Want to be invited? Email me and I will put you on the list. Or just keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates.


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