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"Thanks so much, Katina. You really helped me to clarify my path...and make my dream job
a reality." ~E.R., Atlanta, GA


"Until you gave me deeper insight into myself, I wasn't sure what to do to get out of a very
unhappy work situation. Your amazing toolbox and intuitive guidance showed me all kinds
of new ways to see myself, and now I finally feel ready to take the next steps forward.
So very grateful!" ~M.J., Duluth, GA


"I admit it, I was a bit skeptical at first, but you really put me at ease and this was honestly
the most fun I have ever had working on a career plan and resume. Never realized all this

time that I was going about this with the wrong mindset. Who knew I was the only one holding myself back from the kind of work I love?" ~K.Y., Woodstock, GA


"Your approach is so inspiring...and lots of fun! I am happy to tell you I am finally doing what I love, on my own terms as an entrepreneur. Thanks for helping me see my way to making it happen!" ~J.F., Lawrenceville, GA


“You are amazing - you truly captured my personality and incorporated it into a very professional-looking resume. Thanks for making this MY self-marketing piece and not just a cookie-cutter resume from a template.”

~J.Y., Akron, OH


“I’ve attached a press release announcing my new position as President of [name withheld]...this is what happens when you have a decent candidate with an OUTSTANDING resume!”

~G.H., N. Canton, OH


“Thank you so much for creating a resume that really helped me stand out positively in a highly competitive situation. I’m happy to tell you I got the job!” ~S.H., San Diego, CA


“No one will ever touch my resume again in the history of my career. I’m not’re the best!”

~D.M., Rockville, MD


“At first I couldn’t believe my resume would be that different from any other program or template. You proved me wrong...and I’ve got a great new job to show for it.”

~A.T., Houston, TX


“Wow...who knew I could look so good on paper? I’m amazed at how complete a picture this document paints for potential employers. Your questionnaire was extremely thought-provoking and I used it to prepare for interviews.”

~P.N., New York City 

Tesla, the Testimonial Princess

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